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  • Arts and Crafts

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    Our arts and crafts consist of face painting, jewellery making, paper crafts etc. The staff here at Crindle help the young children bring out their inner creativity, which could start from making paper aeroplanes to making a necklace for a family member or themselves.
  • Sports Day Games

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    Or 'Large Garden Games'
    How about going back to basics and thinking about them old sports day games. Well why not give them ago again, they will help you kit fit and active as well as enjoying yourself. Here are just some of them:
    1. Egg and spoon
    2. Sack race
    3. Tug of war
    4. Wheel barrow racing with a twist in a real yellow wheel barrow
    5. Jenga
    6. Snakes and ladders
    7. Three legged race and lots, lots more
    Great games to add on or combined with our more modern activities like the Zorbing and Achery.
  • A Gypsy Caravan Holiday

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    Our gypsy caravan would be a great and stylish way to hit the road for a day or two and forget about everything else. Why not take it for a weekend holiday? It would be a great way to take in the beautiful countryside, rolling hills and stunning coastlines around the area. We can also contact Deighan Caravan Park for an overnight stay so all you need to do is get the stove burning and enjoy your stay.
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